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Creating solutions that exceed expectations

RBA Builders was asked to construct a 28,000 SF mezzanine in an existing high bay building at the Huntington Beach Boeing facility. The first level was developed for laboratory use and relocated test equipment from their Anaheim facility. After demolition and removal of nearly 24,000 SF, 109 torque-down piles were installed. Because the building is only 48 feet high, the 77 feet long piles had to be assembled and field welded as they were being installed, inside the building. The piles were required for both concrete isolation foundations and the structural steel support system for the new mezzanine. Interior work for the Lab construction included, light gauge framing, acoustic and finish materials, access floors, painting, doors and hardware, mechanical, electrical and HVAC systems.

An additional 2,662 SF one story building was constructed on the South East corner of Building 45. On the North East side of the building, an existing steel framed canopy was converted by adding enclosing walls to house the newly relocated silicon spray booth. New steel constructed stairs, mechanical equipment and a nitrogen tank were added to complete this project.


This design-build project under a DOD program at the Boeing Facility in Huntington Beach, required a build out of various Secured (SCIF) labs and offices, unclassified offices, restrooms and circulation hallways. RBA and our design team worked closely with the Boeing team and the end user to develop a plan that would streamline the program needs making the program more efficient for the end user. The approximate area sizes that were constructed are as follows: West High Bay first floor 33,600 SF, plus a new third floor of equal size; East MidBay second floor 27,800 SF, Central Mezzanine Area second floor 23,600 SF, and Central Mezzanine Area third floor 33,350 SF. This project also had torque piles installed to carry the load of the new mezzanine installed. These are an efficient way to combat unstable soil conditions with a water table as high as 10 feet below finished grade. In addition, approximately 1,000 SF of new external stairways and a 120 SF Class 1 Division 1 lithium storage area were constructed.



The project for the Building 10 Integrated Remediation System included construction of a 12,000 SF treatment system building to house water and vapor extraction equipment. The building was single story with a mezzanine level, built with a reinforced concrete slab, exterior CMU block walls, Urethane foam roofing over metal decking over a steel roof structure. The construction also included installation of a water and vapor remediation system. Building equipment, piping, electrical, well vault piping and electrical instrumentation, pumps, system utility feeders and disposal piping were installed to support the new treatment requirements. All new site work and installation of over 100 extraction wells we all completed on time and on budget.


This project included renovation of an existing one-story brick building for office space, adding a one-story building to house a display hall and conference rooms. The existing 34,000 SF one-story consisted of complete exterior façade makeover, all new HVAC systems, removal and replacement of fire sprinklers.  Complete build out to accommodate the new program intended to occupy the completed facility.  A complete new site work plan was developed, replacing the exterior walks, new parking pavement, striping and new landscaping.

Adjacent to the existing S20 building, the 6,000 SF one-story new building addition stands structurally independent. The new structure consists of steel framing supporting concrete slab on deck, steel columns and CMU sheer walls. It supports a screened roof platform to accommodate a new air handler servicing both the new and existing buildings.  This building was designed as the “Heritage Hall” housing an extensive collection of models depicting the history of The Boeing Company.  



Transformation of existing Forklift Charging Garage into a remodeled Coffee Café in Building S50. Remodel included demo of existing area, new doors, cabinets, drywall, window shades, flooring, paint, plumbing, sink, and screen fence. Demo existing lighting and rearrange/replace with new lighting, horn/strobes, motion detectors, fire sprinklers, PA speakers, etc. to meet code. Design/build HVAC upgrade to include controls, electrical, safety interlocks. etc. to complete turnkey system. Design/build fire/life/safety work.


This 78,000 square foot project consisted of a full floor interior tenant improvement including new office spaces, conference rooms, Secured Conferencing spaces (SCIF’s). The space is designed as an open office plan. The existing restrooms have gone through a complete remodel, stripped down to concrete floor with all new framing, piping, and electrical. The walls and floors received new 12x 24 ceramic tile creating a nice new modern feel. Kitchens have been added to each corner of the building for employee use. What was an old cluttered floor has a bright new inviting atmosphere with an open floor allowing for a greater team collaboration feel. This project had a tight schedule with many changes during the process and still came in on time and under budget, all while working night shift as to not disrupt on-going operations on the floor below.


This tenant improvement project took place in the Ophthalmology center on the second floor of an existing two story building. The scope included demolition of interior partitions, construction of new interior partitions, new suspended ceiling system, new millwork and new interior finishes.

This new ophthalmology department was developed with state of the art technologies enabling the Beaver Medical Group to provide the most up to date care for their patients. This project was completed in less than 10 weeks. All of our competitors estimated up to 6 months to complete the project. However, RBA and our subs were up to the challenge and successfully completed the project on time which enabled Beaver Medical to continue operations and provide care to their patients very quickly.



Liquid Metal Technologies asked RBA to build a new room within their existing water jet room.

The project included the demolition and removal of existing walls, ceilings and electrical. New copper piping and existing fittings from a compressor were added for the new water jet machine. New lighting was added to separate half the fixtures.


RBA was asked to build a new 3,000 SF exterior deck at the east side of the Quiksilver HQ Building. The project details included demolition of the existing concrete pads, grass and excavating the dirt to level out the new deck area. Concrete perimeter curb footings, pier footings and slabs were mounted. Sustainable Ipe wood was used to construct the frame, benches and deck giving the deck a class A fire rating.

To compliment the coastal brand, a beach style fire pit was constructed and a colorful awning was installed. Finally, stainless steel wall lights, string lighting and receptacles were installed for the BBQ and DJ Stations giving this exterior space the perfect destination for social entertainment.



Before relocating from L.A. to a new space in Vernon, RBA Builders provided tenant improvement to an existing 8,673 SF office space and 46,000 SF warehouse. The warehouse features a 200-foot assembly line that has streamlined Spilo Worldwide’s order processes. 

Demolition and removal of flooring, doors, frames, windows, partitions, cabinets, plumbing, HVAC units and t-bar ceilings on both the first and second floor. Removal of existing cabinetry in the Kitchenette and Marketing space was completed and new installation of plastic based cabinets, shelves, counter tops and doors. Ten new plain sliced birch doors and ten new interior aluminum windows were provided and installed. Finishes included storefront paint, interior paint, new drywall, t-bar ceilings, flooring repairs and patchwork. New mechanical work including ductwork, diffusers, air grilles, plumbing and fire sprinklers were installed as well as new electrical fixtures to brighten the space.


NBC Universal Entertainment Warehouse  project.  Tenant Improvements of an existing 65,816 SF Warehouse.  Change of use from manufacturing and office to manufacturing, office and warehouse.

Remodel of First and Second Floors, a 16,604 SF area upgrade which included new restrooms, electrical lighting and systems, wood and metal stud framing & drywall, open and acoustical ceilings, all new HVAC Systems, polished concrete floor systems, new fire-rated wood-framed stairwells, removal and replacement of fire sprinklers, mezzanine level handrails, ADA parking lot upgrades, roofing, and 23 new smoke vents.

RBA’s partnership efforts on this project enabled an estimated $1 million in savings for the owner through value engineering.


Concrete Repair work including the removal and replacement of concrete walkways, sidewalks, curbs and gutters, and pour back concrete.

Repair of tunnel , drill and install epoxy rebar dowels.



Installation of a new Nitrogen Generator & Distribution System, and associated Air & Nitrogen receiving tanks, to tie into the existing compressed air system on site.

Concrete Repair included rebar cage, place and finish.


Concrete Repair Project which included the removal and replacement of the existing storm drain, sidewalk, curbs and gutter.


This Project was intended to link all campus energy consumption into one controlled system for managing usage and energy that will save millions of dollars over the next decade. The new Central Plant includes an open cooling tower yard, thermal energy storage tank, underground civil, mechanical, electrical and plumbing utilities. The Central Plant is approximately 2,442 SF housing two 600-ton centrifugal, water-cooled, electric chillers. The tower yard and thermal energy storage tank area is approximately 3,968 SF housing two cooling towers and a design build tank holding 738,000 gallons of chilled water for campus air conditioning requirements. New hydronic chilled water piping was provided to existing campus buildings and mechanical systems and were modified for connection to the Central Plant. All equipment, hardware, controls and accessories were provided.

Because there were no workers compensation claims or general liability losses throughout the 13 month period, the project earned an Outstanding Safety Performance Award from the Joint Powers Authority Board of Directors. 

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