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“When it comes to cost, quality and professionalism we think of RBA Builders for all of our construction needs.”

-Epic Management

"The project was so successful we can't hear or see the central plant and even wondered if the equipment was operating because it was so quiet."

-Paramount Pictures

"RBA shows very good knowledge of the project and any time we need clarifications it was handled immediately. Pleasure to work with RBA and its team members."

-Resource Environmental, Inc.

"I truly appreciate all of your hard work and help to expedite this high visibility project. I know we have a few more steps till completion but EVERYONE who has entered the space agrees that it turned out beautifully. Your team did an incredible job! Thank you again!"

-The Boeing Company

“…You were instrumental in the shoring, preparation, repair and restoration of the room impacted by roof structure issues.  The efforts by yourself and the team achieved a structural repair in 7 days, …and allowed the Boeing team to start a two year duration test…only 2 days after the scheduled start.  On behalf of the El Segundo Site Services team we would like to thank you for your commitment to excellence and willingness to support on very short notice.”

-The Boeing Company

“…what a fantastic job Steve, Trevor, Mike and the entire construction team did on this project. There were many obstacles that your team had to manage that were not in the baseline scope or schedule. Not only did your team complete the additional but handed this facility to Boeing 2 days early. I have worked on many major projects around the Boeing Company but have never been more proud to be a part of this team. From the bottom of my heart, thank you to you and your team.”

-The Boeing Company

“I also would like to send my gratitude to the RBA team.  This project from a Security & Fire perspective went flawless.  Steve and his RBA team did a great job keeping the area safe, well managed and adhering to Boeing rules/policies.  Great Job Guys, and thank you for all your support!   Jim, thank you for staying on top of things, I can honestly say there were no concerns with you and RBA running this project!

-The Boeing Company

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